BKO Quintet

BKO Quintet


BKO Quintet’s music is born from a meeting between five established artists.

This gathering provides a journey into the heart of the contemporary Mali.

Ibrahima Sarr, powerful percussionist, masters with ease the sounds of the djembe drum and has traveled the world alongside Oumou Sangare.

Fassara Sacko whose voice takes you from aback, differs from other griots in traditional celebrations.

Yoro Sidibé’s grandson, Nfali Diakité ,with his infernal « tournes », also sings and plays his donsongoni in animist ceremonies celebrated by his peers.

Abdoulaye Kone, master of djelingoni develops a unique psychedelic style.

He is the descendant of Djeli Baba Sissoko, and has been solicited before this quintet by great artists like Tiken Jah Kafoly, Salif Keita to tour outside of the Mali borders.

Finally Aymeric Krol, experienced of internationals stages grooves on its strange drums.

For the past 10 years he often settled in Bamako where he worked with several artists.

Today, his encounter with Ibrahima Sarr gives birth to the project: BKO Quintet.
-After a European tour of 25 dates, BKO QUINTET decides to return in the studio during their tour to record a debut album that will be available in 2014.

The first EP recorded « Live » in January 2012 in Bamako in the popular district of Medina Coura.

In the new edition, some tracks recorded in January 2013 have been added to the EP.
The present arises from the past, this « inhabited » music is far from the « World » standardized sound.

La musique de BKO Quintet est née d’une rencontre entre 5 artistes confirmés.
Cette formation propose un voyage au cœur du Mali actuel.
Ibrahima Sarr, puissant percussionniste, maîtrise avec aisance les sons du tambour djembe, il a parcouru le monde aux côtés de Oumou Sangaré.

Fassara Sacko dont la voix prend aux tripes, se distingue des autres griots dans les fêtes traditionelles.

Le petit fils de Yoro Sidibé, Nfali Diakité avec ses « tournes » infernales chante aussi et joue son donsongoni luth à 6 cordes, lors des cérémonies animistes de ses pairs.

Abdoulaye Koné, virtuose du djelingoni développe un style unique et psychedélique.

Il est le descendant de Djeli Baba Sissoko, et fut solicité avant ce quintet par de grand artistes comme Tiken Jah Kafoly, Salif Keita pour des tournée hors des frontières maliennes.

Enfin Aymeric Krol, rodés aux scènes internationnales groove sur son étrange batterie.

Depuis 10 ans il a souvent posé ses valises à Bamako où il à travaillé avec plusieurs artistes.

Sa rencontre avec Ibrahima Sarr donne aujourd’hui naissance au projet: BKO Quintet.
-Après une tournée en Europe de 25 dates, BKO QUINTET se décide à rentrer en Studio lors de leur tournée afin d’enregistrer  un premier album qui sera disponible en 2014.

Un premier EP enregistré en  »Live » en janvier 2012 à Bamako dans le quartier populaire de Medina Coura.

Dans la nouvelle édition des titres enregistré en janvier 2013 se sont rajouté à L’EP.
Le présent naît du passé, cette musique « habitée » est loin d’un son « World » standardisé.


Emmanuel Jal

EMMANUEL JAL was born into the life of a child solider and through unbelievable struggles managed to survive and emerge as a recording artist, achieving worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation born out of his personal experiences. Emmanuel Jal’s fifth studio album “The Key” was released on September 9, 2014  on Gatwitch / Universal. The new 13 track album includes collaborations with Grammy award winning artists Nile Rodgers (who produced the lead single “My Power”) and Nelly Furtado (who appears on the duet “Scars” and “Party”). “The Key” is Jal’s most ambitious and sonically adventurous music project to date. Two songs from Emmanuel’s album (“Scars" and “We Fall") will also feature on the Warner Brothers’ soundtrack from ‘The Good Lie’. In 2008 a full-length documentary on his life was released. The film, “Warchild,” won 12 prestigious film festival awards worldwide. In the same year, his autobiography, also called Warchild, was published by Little Brown.


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Black Parents

Black Parents

“Black Parents" music band was not so successful at the beginning.

They started performing in concerts and local night clubs in Montreal, Canada to make their presence remembering by popularizing the latest trend in Haitian music “Raggakonpa".

The hard work of the musical group Black Parents did not went in vain, rewarded them very soon when success started coming on their ways from Miami, New York and Haiti.

In 2001, they released 5 albums along with a new successful soundtrack “Sonia".

Like Black Parents, Haitian music has drawn a wide range of influences from the people of many cultures who have settled in this Caribbean island of Hispaniola. “Kompa" or “Konpa" is one unique form of Haitian music, a complex one that fuses African rhythms and European ballroom dance–with consistent, pulsing drum beat that makes dancing easier."Kompa" was there in the Haitian music since its emergence but developed into a modern pop style by Nemours Jean-Baptiste in 1955.

Beyond Sound

Beyond Sound

Beyond Sound Empijah, is a collective of young musicians.

They have had the wonderful fortune of growing up in some of the most vibrant, innovative, pioneering arts organizations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Their youthful enthusiasm and endless talent has made them a drum and dance ensemble dedicated to merging traditional West African drum and dance with their contemporary genres including, Hip Hop, House, Rap, South African, Caribbean and any culture that they have the opportunity to be affiliated with.

This dynamic collective possess over 25 years of performance experience.

They hail from Toronto based dance and drum organizations; Ballet Creole, COBA, and Ngoma Drum and Dance Ensemble.

All of the members of Beyond Sound Empijah have performed with the three core organizations.

The group is an extended family of artists keeping their musical traditions alive and foraging their expressions and identity in their performances.

Beyond Sound Empijah is comprised of youthful experienced drummers, dancers, and vocalists.

They have been invited to perform at numerous diverse public and private events on the international stage and throughout Canada.

Some of the events and organizations which Beyond Sound Empijah have shared their boundless talent with are:

The Muthadi International Drumming Festival, Afrofest, International Associations of Blacks in Dance, The Royal Ontario Museum, United Way – Peel Region Black Community Advisory Council, The Consular Ball, Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Imani Awards, Majanga Festival, Africentric School Gala, Rhythm Fest Barrie, Nia Centre for the Arts – Afro-Diasporic Art: Recognition Justice Develop launch at Toronto City Hall, the TCTHC Youth Summit, the African Cultural & Development Association’s 2011 African Emancipation Festival in Georgetown, Guyana.

Each musician has been nurtured, trained and shaped under the tutelage of master drummers and dancers from the African diaspora, in the art of djembe and doundoun playing and contemporary and traditional dance.

Beyond Sound Empijah is an active and thriving collective that will bring you dancing to your feet, while gaining the support of multigenerational audiences through their innovative performances.