Toronto, Ontario – March 24, 2016

In a meeting held yesterday, Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon, the City of Toronto and Music Africa Inc. mutually agreed to grant Afrofest a two-day permit for July 9 and 10, 2016 in Woodbine Park.

Peter Toh, President of Music Africa, the organizers of Afrofest, is pleased with this decision. “Music Africa has always maintained its readiness to work with city officials to resolve our permit disputes and yesterday we were able to constructively do this. Afrofest has been successful as a two-day festival and will now continue its success in the same format.”

“We are grateful to the City of Toronto and Councillor McMahon for reconsidering and granting our two-day park permit,” adds Toh.

In the meeting, Afrofest organizers acknowledged that there were some permit violations related to past years of the festival and, the city admits to unclear communication regarding permit end times.

On March 15, Music Africa issued a release announcing that the festival permit would be limited to a one day event, calling for community action and support. Toh indicated that the positive outreach and community support was greatly appreciated.

Going forward, all parties are committed to ensuring a successful festival and looking forward to maintaining Afrofest as part of the cultural and musical landscape of Toronto.


For more information contact:
Music Africa: 416.469.5336


Peter Toh

City Restricts Afrofest

Toronto – The City of Toronto has limited Afrofest at Woodbine Park to a one-day event. This move will not only make it difficult to organize a viable festival but also hinder its growth and community impact. The reasons given are that permissible sound levels and permitted time frames were exceeded in previous festivals. Afrofest organizers maintain that these allegations are inaccurate.

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