AFROFEST 2018 – Djembe World Record

To celebrate 30 years of AFROFEST, Music Africa will attempt to create a New Guinness World Record by creating the largest Djembe Drum Ens

At AFROFEST 2018, we will celebrate our 30th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone we will attempt to create the largest djembe drum ensemble at AFROFEST. The event will take place on July 08, 2018 – 9:00am – 12:00pm.

This event is open to everyone: every race, nationality, background, drumming level (amateurs, experts, those who have never touched a djembe, those who sleep with a djembe under their pillow) We welcome everyone to come and share this event with us. “Come one come all”.

You can register if you do not have a djembe drum – donations will go towards securing drums for all participants.

We are attempting 2 records:

  1. Creating the largest djembe drum ensemble.
  2. Most nationalities playing the djembe drum simultaneously.

While registration will help us be organized, the donations will go towards: Paying for the presence of a Guinness representative, securing djembes for drummers, equipment rental, transportation of equipment and security.

Thanks for your continuous support.

Register here: