Afrofest 2020 Launch

AFROFEST Is the Largest Free African Music Festival In North America.

In a city in need of for positive and hopeful narratives, AFROFEST draws over 125,000 visitors to Woodbine Park each year to celebrate African culture. Each year is larger than the previous and over half those present have been to at least five previous versions of the event.

AFROFEST is a rare opportunity to speak to the African diaspora in a space that celebrates African culture. Music Africa, the organizer for AFROFEST, is also growing, with year-long programming bringing positive stories and experiences of African culture into schools, parks, and communities.

Impact of the African Community in Toronto

Africans and the African diaspora make up a sizable community in the Greater Toronto Area. Many subdivisions in the GTA have Black populations higher than the national average including Ajax (16%), Brampton (13.5%), Pickering (11.4%), Toronto (8.5%), Mississauga (6.3%), and Whitby (6.2%) (“Visible minority groups, 2006 counts, for Canada, provinces and territories”. 2010-10-06.)

There are over 500,000 individuals in Ontario who identify as part of the African diaspora, with a majority located within the Greater Toronto Area.

Most new Torontonians, according to research presented in 2016 by the Martin Prosperity Institute, will come from Africa and the Middle East (54%) over the coming decades.

AFROFEST’S Impact in the GTA

125,000 attendees over the two days
20,000 peak attendance in 2017.
83% from GTA
Number of clicks on in 2016: 1.1 million
Number of visits to the AFROFEST facebook page during AFROFEST 2016: 62,000
Reach of 2017 Instagram promo video: 12,000
Reach of facebook posts during the month of AFROFEST 2016: 15 million

AFROFEST 2017 was our largest event yet engaging 6 international and 35 local musical groups.


In 2018, Music Africa will be celebrating its 30th year of promoting African music and culture in the heart of Toronto.

To commemorate this achievement, the organizations’ program will be revamped to include more activities and to cover a wider geographical area. Some of the program modifications in 2018 include:

To bring global attention to the festival, we will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the highest number of djembe drummers playing simultaneously.
We will improve the international profile of the festival by promoting it in international markets specifically: United States of America, Europe and Africa.
In 2018 we will extend the duration of the festival by changing its length from 2 days to a 9-day celebration starting on June 30, 2018 with a themed event called, “Africa Celebrates Canada”.
Expand the geographical area of AFROFEST events: With the 9-day celebration, we will organize AFROFEST events in various cities in Ontario. These include: Ottawa, London, Ajax, Kitchener and Hamilton. All the events will be held before the finale of AFROFEST Toronto on July 07 & 08, 2018. This will allow more Africans to engage with cultural elements and trigger the movement of audiences beyond their geographical regions.
AFROFEST 2018 will have a paid V.I.P seated section with private security and bottle service.

Through its activities, Music Africa intends to attract about 150,000 people to its 2018 activities. Our promotional material is designed reach an estimated 25 million people worldwide.

Below is a schedule of our current planned activities.

AFROFEST 2018 Event Schedule:
Date Event Name Location
February 2018

(Every Friday in February)

Black History Month Concert Series Toronto
April 06, 2018 Music Africa Easter Celebration Toronto
June 30, 2018 Africa Celebrates Canada (First AFROFEST event) Toronto
July 01, 2018 Africa Celebrates Canada Ottawa
July 04, 2018 AFROFEST Pre-event Waterloo
July 05, 2018 AFROFEST Pre-event London
July 05, 2018 AFROFEST Pre-event Ajax
July 06, 2018 AFROFEST Pre-event Kitchener
July 06,2018 AFROFEST Pre-event Hamilton
July 06, 2018 AFROFEST Pre-event Toronto
July 07, 08 2018 AFROFEST 2018 Toronto

Why Sponsor AFROFEST

Sponsorship not only offers the opportunity to speak to a large and growing part of Toronto’s population. Sponsorship contributes to changing the story about Africa in Canada. Entering our 30th year, Music Africa is proud of our history of inspiring generations of Africans to celebrate and embrace their culture. These new leaders then go on to inspire new generations of cultural ambassadors, resulting in more and more benefits over time.

With opportunities such as brand representation on AFROFEST’s stages; back stage access to interact with the artists, celebrities and festival organizers; logo on the Music Africa page and other social media platforms; ads in the AFROFEST brochure (about 15,000 printed); booth space at the festival, banner placement and other customized opportunities; AFROFEST provides an invaluable opportunity for sponsors to establish relationships and develop networking opportunities within the African community.

Toronto is a diverse city. Our dream is that positive portrayals of African culture like AFROFEST will be common and remarkable for both African and non-African communities in Canada.