Information Package for Sponsors and Partners 2019

The 1st edition AFROFEST Africa 2019 is shaping out to be a thrilling exhibition of African Canadian talent in Africa. Every year the size and impact of AFROFEST Toronto grows and we are proud to present a surrogate event in Africa to continue promoting African music and culture.

The AFROFEST Africa Initiative’s aim is to explore the development, exposure, collaboration and performance opportunities for artists through export-market partnerships on the African continent. This will be accomplished by presenting an event which will feature performances by 4 African-Canadian and Diaspora artists from Canada alongside local Ghanaian artists and artists from other regions in Africa. This event will feature:

  • Live performances
  • Artist and entrepreneurship workshops
  • Fashion exhibitions.

The artists to represent Canada include:

  • Slim Flex (Ghana)
  • Kibra (Eritrea)
  • Tyshan Knight (Jamaica)
  • TOME (Nigeria)

Some of the Ghanaian artists who will perform include:

  • Sherifa Gunu
  • Sister Afia
  • Amandzeba
  • Famiye
  • MoQid
  • Opanka
  • Raggabowy GH
  • Susan Augustt

Working alongside African event producers will enable Music Africa of Canada Inc. to have a better understanding of the trajectory, best practices and opportunities within the music scene in Africa. This information will be valuable to all the African export-ready artists in Canada and Africa.  The full program in Ghana will focus on:

  • Unique artist creations and artist development strategies.
  • Performances and co-presentations by African and African-Canadian artists.
  • Effective promotional strategies for events and artists
  • Mutually beneficial and reciprocal program development between African music professionals and those from Canada.

By presenting this event we will contribute in the development of the African-Canadian music sector by providing strategic export opportunities to active artists. We will also be presenting an international opportunity for African artists.

Presented by Music Africa of Canada Inc. the proposed date for AFROFEST Africa is December 14, 2019 at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre.

Importance of AFROFEST Africa 2019:

Canada is home a rich grassroots ecosystem of domestic African-Canadian music talent.  AFROFEST Toronto is the largest African festival in North America and consistently hires African artists from all over the world. It is the primary buyer of African-Canadian performances in Canada.

We have realized that Diaspora African-Canadian artists do not get equal international exposure as their peers – a necessity in career development. This event is presented as an effort to bridge this gap and provide much needed exposure to local African Canadian talent. African artists will also appreciate the innovation of their peers creating in the Diaspora while performing alongside them.

Export-market success drives domestic opportunities.  The international popularity of African music is on the rise: Beyonce featured the Nigerian sensation WizKid and Ghanaian Shatta Wale on her most recent album – The Gift; AKON’s Convict Music label has signed over 15 African artists and SONY music is expanding the African market by signing emerging popular artists. This project provides actual performance opportunities for African Canadian and African artists where there can present their craft to their global fans and build their market base.

International experience for African-Canadian artists: The international appeal and reach of AFROFEST will help exposure for both African and Diaspora artists who perform on this platform. While there is a stronger music industry infrastructure in Canada, there is a significant lack of international performance opportunities here for African-Canadian artists. Africa is where these artists can build a strong base as the community can relate to their experiences. Presenting an international project will help to provide exposure and international experience.

Networking with international music professionals: Music professionals from all over the world will be invited to this event. As a new initiative, Music Africa is exploring effective export-market development partnerships and how best to present African artists to international buyers.  Through a creative and infrastructural collaboration, the project will increase exposure and networking opportunities for all artists involved.

Artist Exchange Program:

To encourage consistent development and innovation in African music it is important that success is rewarded with opportunities. To this effect, we intend to give the top performer at AFROFEST Africa the opportunity to perform at AFROFEST Toronto. Also, the top African-Canadian performer at AFROFEST Toronto will be given the opportunity to perform at AFROFEST in Accra in December. The provision of international opportunities will encourage artists to consistently innovate and strive to build their global appeal.

Why Ghana?

 Ghana was selected as host country after a visit to 8 different African countries due to local support and infrastructural readiness. This project has received the support of the Ghanaian Ministry of Tourism, culture and Creative Arts, the Ghanaian Musicians Association (MUSIGA) and various media outlets in Ghana. We have also been offered by the Canadian High Commission in Ghana, Toronto Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts in Canada.

ccra is a growing diverse city and Ghana recognizes the value of the Diaspora. Our dream is that positive portrayals of African culture will be common and unremarkably emblematic of the inherent strength of the African people. It will serve as a source of pride for both African and non-African communities in Canada. It will also inspire the Ghanaian community in Ghana, Africa and beyond who will gravitate to their traditional roots validating their identity.

Sponsorship Considerations

Sponsorship does not only present the opportunity to speak to a large and growing part of Ghanaian and African population who value positive and global representations of their culture. It also contributes to changing the story about the African Diaspora in Canada. Presenting our first event in Africa, Music Africa is proud of its history of inspiring generations of Africans to celebrate and embrace their cultural heritage. These new leaders then go on to inspire new generations of cultural ambassadors resulting in more benefits over time.

Why Support AFROFEST Africa?

Apart from the obvious fact that sponsoring AFROFEST Africa and having your logo at the festival will provide another channel for promoting your brand and products and also broaden your company’s competitive advantage, there are other significant advantages gained by supporting this community rooted festival.

With opportunities such as brand representation on AFROFEST Africa’s stages; back stage access to interact with the artists, celebrities and festival organizers; logo on the Music Africa page and other social media platforms; ads in the AFROFEST booklets, banner placement and other customized opportunities; AFROFEST provides an invaluable opportunity for sponsors to establish relationships and develop networking opportunities within the African community in Canada and Africa.

We understand that the values and corporate culture of each sponsor varies. As a result sponsorship offerings cannot be the same across the board.  We therefore welcome the opportunity to discuss other benefits which are important to individual sponsors.

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