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Welcome to AFROFEST 2016.

We appreciate you! Your continuous support, has resulted in AFROFEST growing to become the largest free African festival in North America. We understand the value of sharing the African culture in the most diverse city in the world – Toronto, and it is our pleasure to have you share this experience with us. As you look around you will see amazing diversity exhibited by the artists, vendors and visitors: Accept it, embrace it, appreciate it, encourage it and learn from it – This is what makes our vibrant community great!

This year we are pleased to include three unique elements which enhance the value of the festival while catering to our ever growing international audience.

These include:

  • Having a three day festival. On July 8th, 2016, there will be an AFROFEST Pre-Party which will feature AsikoAfrobeat Ensemble.
  • AFROFEST 2016 will be recorded and broadcast on AfroGlobal TV (Rogers Cable – 708, Bell 2472).
  • This year we have included an area to cater for anyone with special needs and an area where nursing mothers can change their children. Please ask one of our volunteers for more information.

As you enjoy the festival, make sure you experience all it has to offer: The seasoned artists on the main stage, the up and coming artists on the Baobab stage, the bustling African market place for food and African art and crafts, the children’s creative village which has activities for children and our drum zone where some of the most amazing drummers within the African community in Toronto meet and play different styles of the African drum.

For 28 years, Music Africa Inc. which comprises of a team of volunteers has promoted African culture by bringing some of the most talented artists to grace us with their talent. Becoming part of the team is easy, simply visit our membership booth and ask for information on becoming a member. The Board of Directors who direct the activities of the organization is derived from the membership.

While at AFROFEST please make a donation to support the continuous growth of the festival. Your donation will enable us to bring the best African talent from all over the world to showcase various elements of African culture. We are blessed to share this event together. Once again, thank you for your support and we hope you experience a wonderful AFROFEST 2016!

Peter T. Toh (MBA)

President: Music Africa Inc.

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CIUTCIUT has been a proud partner and sponsor of Music Africa. Just like they do every year, they will bring you a live presentation of the whole festival. Click the button below to listen to your favorite festival on radio.