It will be an honour to be sponsored by an organization like yours whose generous donations have positively inspired and uplifted the lives of millions of Canadians in various communities. AFROFEST is the largest free annual 2-day African music Festival in North America.  This year the festival will ignite the spirit of African culture in the heart of Toronto, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, at Woodbine Park on July 4th and 5th2020.

With over 40 live performances and 130,000 visitors, the festival is an inclusive, vibrant and engaging community festival which showcases the best in African music, art, crafts, culture and heritage.

AFROFEST consists of five areas: A Main Stage, Youth Stage and Drum Stage, a children’s village and a vibrant marketplace (food, fashion, accessories, etc.) – all of which display the diversity of Africa and result in our participants spending on average 5 hours at the park. This is important as it provides multiple touchpoints with our audience.

Why sponsor AFROFEST?

  • AFROFEST  is a unique opportunity for your company to show support, appreciation and awareness of the strong African community in Canada, while enjoying valuable exposure to over 130,000 festival-goers and supporters.
  • As a festival which celebrates African culture, your brand will be identified as one that supports the African demographic and supporters of AFROFEST and the diversity of Toronto.
  • AFROFEST engages hundreds of small businesses. Sponsoring the festival guarantees its continuity and as such the growth of the growth of small enterprises in Toronto.
  • With your philanthropy, your organization can entertain its clients and show how your goodwill is bringing communities together.

Music Africa, the organization behind AFROFEST, has a well-respected profile and is one of Canada’s most respected organizations promoting African music. The organization has a long record of hosting musical events, on small and large scales at various venues within the city of Toronto. In 2008, in recognition of its work and influence, Music Africa received the Heritage Award from Planet Africa (an internationally-broadcast television show and print magazine).

Find details of the sponsorship and participation opportunities for AFROFEST by downloading the  Sponsorship Package. Your involvement will make this year’s event a special and successful celebration.

I encourage you to partner with us to support AFROFEST and be there to experience the African culture at its best.  I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.